(September 01, 2009)

The Environmentally Friendly Retrofit Kit for light stands

Do you want to save money and help the environment? Of course you do. Now with the new 5000 K temperature "Cool White Green Light" retrofit kit for light stands, press consoles and viewing booths, all graphic artists and press professionals can save even more money while doing more for our environment.

The Cool White Green Light (CWGL) takes advantage of new patented LED technology that meets ISO 3664:2000 standards for the graphic art industry without the negative aspects of fluorescent lamps.

As you probably know, there are many uses for fluorescent technology and it seems to be the focus of the “main stream green movement” to replace all of our lighting with fluorescent technology. While we all understand that the market position is to promote the more prevalent product, you should probably consider the following before you buy:

    1. When you break a fluorescent lamp, you are exposing our environment and yourself to toxic chemicals, including Mercury. EPA has very strong warnings about the damages by Mercury. CWGL are extremely rugged and chemical free.

    2. Fluorescent light stands use on average four times more energy than LED replacements. This can mean a few hundred dollars per year in energy costs and the associated CO2 emissions.

    3. Fluorescent lights create more heat that requires more energy to cool the lamp case. More heat – can mean more cooling, which in turn leads to higher financial and environmental costs.

    4. Many landfills will no longer dispose of fluorescent light bulbs and if they do, some charge an extra fee for special handling.

    5. The CWGL LED lighting system will last approximately 50,000 hours while a specially designed for graphic industry fluorescent light will last up to 7,000 hours. This ongoing extra cost is not just an added maintenance cost, but a huge environmental cost in our landfills. CWGL are not consumables. After the useful life of LED they can be refurbished and put back in service again.

    6. Fluorescent lights can flicker; they also produce the "electric" noise and interference to electronic equipment. The LED retrofit kit does not exhibit these problems and can use the same circuitry as all electronic equipment.

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"Extreme Green Light"
with patented super bright polymer diffuser lens innovation.
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