( June 06, 2011)

Canadian Postal Strike

As of Thursday June 2, 2011, a postal strike appeared imminent due to an impasse in negotiations between Canada Post and the union representing postal workers. Although the Canadian Union of Postal Workers could have ordered a full work stoppage of its 48,000 members across the country, it chose to launch a 24-hour strike in different cities across Canada.

Even though there may be no strike action in the area servicing Master Flo, there has already been a decrease in service “with a work slow down action” by postal workers. Please note that this will cause excessive delays.

Please ensure that you send any important or urgent instructions to our office via email or facsimile. The strike should not affect courier deliveries by other companies such as UPS, FedEx or other private corporations.

For USA customers, please email and we can provide you with a temporary US address if required.

For all other customers, please send mail by private courier.

To make or receive payments,please note that we accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments. We can also arrange Interac payments or wire transfers in some cases.

We thank you for your assistance.