(February 10, 2009)


The Master Flo SF20 Recirculator System is a fully integrated dampening circulator system that combines filtration, refrigeration, tough delivery pump and venturi return. The SF20 supplies constant filtered and chilled quality fountain solution over an extended product life cycle. The fountain solution is continuously circulated to maintain proper filtration and temperature by a continuously pumping steady volume to and from the press. The SF20 comes in a 20 gallon capacity and 1-ton or 1.5-ton refrigeration, with a variety of optional accessories.

The basic features do not end there. The temperature controls are securely mounted internally, for easy setup and maintenance. For easy cleaning of the stainless steel tanks, the fountain solution is drained via a discharge pipe and the removable tank cover allows full access to the inside of the unit and the tank.

With the return pump option, advanced filter cartridge filtration can be used to increase the life of the fountain solution and plates, which will reduce the frequency of press cleaning. A fountain solution premixing unit is available as an option and makes the SF20 a more automatic system. The remote conductivity display option is a feature that is only regularly available in larger high end units.

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SF20 Recirculator System