(February 8, 2007)

Trade In and Upgrade Sales Promotion

Until May 15, 2007, Master Flo Technology Inc. is offering a trade in on most Master Flo product(s). This program offers you the opportunity to upgrade at a lower cost and recover value on your existing equipment with minimum effort. If you own one or several Master Flo products, you can trade them in for a credit towards new equipment.

Please note that multiple trade-ins can be used to buy a new product. For example, if you had (10) SF50s in working condition, you could trade all of them in for $750 each. This would mean that you would have $7,500 towards the purchase of a new FCS200 Centralized Recirculator that would replace all (10) SF50s (please note that this is only an example). Please also indicate if you have parts that you would like to trade in at the same time.

Please contact your Master Flo representative for more information or to receive a quote. You may also send an email to: