(February 20, 2005)

20th Anniversary

Master Flo Technology Inc. (, a premier manufacturer of offset accessories and inline web finishing equipment, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This manufacturing company remains privately owned and operated. The Company was founded as a manufacturer of inking systems in 1985. Its original product was an automatic ink leveler that delivered ink evenly across the ink fountain, without overflowing, and was able to maintain a consistent level, a first for the industry. Ink levelers are still being manufactured today in the new plant (purchased June 1, 2001) located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.

In 1991, Master Flo acquired a well-respected competitor Miratrol (previously known as Mirachem), a manufacturer of water treatment, centralized circulator, fountain solution mixing systems, ink management systems and inking systems. Through the early 1990's, the Company grew at a steady pace. Master Flo continued expansion through international agents in Japan, UK, Brazil and the Pacific Rim. Following the acquisition of Pages Inc. in 1993, the Company established a joint venture with China's government in 1995, and opened a 15,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Shanghai, China to support and develop the Asian market.

In 1998, Master Flo enacted the "Excellence 2000" quality strategy designed to offset the impacts of a declining print market that was clearly changing directions. The "Excellence 2000" strategy was aimed at making Master Flo less a manufacturer of commodity products and leader of innovative print solutions. The Company was ISO certified in 1998 and ISO9002 2000 in 2001. According to Mr. Desaulniers, President and CEO, "Our first major move in this direction was in 1997 when we decided to close our plant in China. It was a difficult decision since we had to lay off over a hundred employees in the Pacific Rim. We felt we had to. In the late 1990's, it was impossible to manufacture advanced technology printing equipment with the quality we wanted. Either we sacrificed quality or the technology. It was not the employees' fault; our suppliers could not deliver the quality we demanded."

In 2005, Master Flo has introduced a new quarter folder, Model HQF-17, the fastest quarter folder on the market. John Lovaghy, Vice President of Research and Development, points out, "This unit has several advantages over current existing technology. It is not attached to the press so it can be placed after the trimmer or stream separator. It can be easily moved around the pressroom from press to press, and it runs at 60,000 IPH which, in most cases, is faster than most web presses can run quarter folded jobs. The future is ever exciting here."