(March 26, 2004)

Quebecors' workhorse recirculators

In 1984, Quebecor Brookfield (WI) bought an 86SPG Recirculator from Mirachem. In 1993, two years after Master Flo acquired Mirachem, Master Flo discontinued the product. Generally when this happens, most manufacturers would continue to carry the parts for another six years - after which time, Quebecor Brookfield would be on their own.

That did not happen. Even today, Master Flo continues to carry parts and supplies for over 100 different models of discontinued products. "We have parts in stock for units we made back in the late seventies" says Kevin Duffy, Master Flo's Service Manager.

Edward Desaulniers, President, adds "I believe most printers are looking for products and the suppliers of those products that will last. It is clear that we have done that. Of course, even the best products will break down at some time. By providing twenty-four hour service, seven days a week, and with a very healthy inventory of parts, we will make sure that our customers can print and that Master Flo will have customers that buy from us again. Even if it takes twenty plus years to buy."

When it comes to long-term service, Master Flo is a finely tuned instrument.