(October 2, 2003)

And the winner is...

At the Graph Expo show held from September 28 to October 1, Master Flo held an auction for a new Palletizer lift table with weighcounter. This system allows for the loading or unloading of a pallet at a comfortable level, thereby reducing back injuries and staff turnover due to needless worker fatigue. The Palletizer can operate in automatic or manual mode. It improves stack quality and frees the time of employees for other tasks. All of its moving parts are completely enclosed so feet and hands are completely protected. The unit being auctioned off included the optional weighcounter. With the weighcounter, the Palletizer also becomes a piece counter with an accuracy of plus or minus one copy. For more information on the Palletizer, visit: .

To make sure no one over bid, the current list price was posted on the unit at the show. The silent auction started at 10 AM on Graph Expo's opening day and ended at 3 PM October 1st, one hour before the show closing. To bid in this silent auction, participants needed to either submit a bid at the Master Flo booth at Graph Expo (preferably in a sealed envelope) or online by emailing their bid to Bidders needed to include their name, company name, a phone number and the bid amount.

There were fifteen bids received (five in-person bids and ten online bids). From those bids, the highest bid was $4,950.00 U.S. submitted online on September 30. The auction for the Palletizer lift table was won by Jacob Creps of Creps United Publications.